Quality Roof

Santa Barbara Roofing Contractor


Who We Are

Quality Roofing is dedicated to providing exceptional service in the Santa Barbara area. We only use the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship in our projects. We respect our Santa Barbara community and understand what locals need and want for their roofs, that is why we are Santa Barbara’s roofing contractor.

As well as our excellent roofing skills, we also specialize in shingle and tile replacement repairs and offer a large range of service for both residential and commercial buildings in the Santa Barbara area. Our team is always on top of the latest technology and methods to ensure that your roofing gets the best service possible.

What Our Clients Say

“Quality Roofing (Robert/owner) – Highly recommended! I am very pleased with their professional service, construction efficiency & competitive price. Robert walked me through all the steps and stayed in phone/email contact throughout the process. I chose Quality Roofing from 3 local estimates – I completely trusted Robert over the others (better personal care, improved materials/building technique, stayed on schedule). Just know you will be happy in choosing Quality Roofing Santa Barbara!”

Gypsy Flame

“Quality Roofing is a great company. The owners and workers are nice, honest people and the work they do is definitely quality. I was surprised how quickly they could get me in and how proficient they were at their job. The best part was that they cleaned up the whole area around the house when they were done. They left the place looking better than it did before they came. A beautiful job. Thanks so much.”


6 Reasons to Choose Quality Roofing as Your Santa Barbara Roofing Contractor

  1. We Live Here. And we aren’t going anywhere! We understand the regulations, specifics, rules, and aesthetic style of Santa Barbara better than anyone! This is our home too and we know exactly what you need.
  2. We Care. We’re homeowners ourselves and understand the importance of a having a quality roof that you can trust. We value you and promise to provide you with the best work to ensure you have a sturdy and reliable roof over your head.
  3. Our Company is Licensed, Bonded & Insured. Always verify this with your roofing contractor. All of our employees are insured and we are licensed to provide residential and industrial roofing services in the state of California.
  4. Free No Obligation Roofing Estimates. At Quality Roofing, we will happily provide you with a free estimate – with no pressure attached!
  5. Emergency Roof Repair. A damaged roof needs to be fixed immediately and we get it!  We understand the stress of having a leaky or shaky roof – let us help you and call us now!
  6. Quality Roofing Products. We provide you with the BEST. We know how important the materials are to the final product and we choose our materials very intentionally