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  • New Re-Roofs
    We provide roofs for newly constructed homes and buildings of all types (shingle, tile, flat & specialty roofs). In addition, we provide roof replacements for existing structures. We assist the owner with choosing the perfect style and color of roof that will complement their home or business.
  • Residential & Commercial
    We also provide new or replacement roofs for both residential and commercial buildings in the Santa Barbara area. Whether a home or business, we want you to feel confident that you will have a quality roof system that will fit your needs and last for years to come.
  • Roof Repairs
    We repair shingle, tile, shake and flat roofs of every kind. Whether you need emergency leak repair in the rain, or a leak detection specialist to come out and evaluate your problem, we are there for you.
  • Roof Maintenance
    To extend the life of your roof and avoid a buildup of costly repairs, it is very important to maintain your roof. We clean debris and perform small or large repairs to help you get the most out of the roof you have. If you would like your tile cleaned for maintenance or aesthetic purposes, our tile experts will take care of it for you. We are also certified to install coating systems on your flat or metal roofs to extend their life by a decade or more.
  • Gutter Clearing
    Gutter maintenance and upkeep is also an important issue to keep your property in prime condition. We clean your gutters from debris that can block your water flow and cause leaks. We also install gutter screens to help prevent further problems if you are located in an area where debris builds up quickly.
  • Roof Inspections
    Our experienced professionals will come out to evaluate your roof. We perform inspections on residential and commercial buildings; whether it is needed for the sale of the property or to determine the current life of your roof. Official inspection reports contain photos, inspector’s notes, recommendations for repairs or replacement, as well as an accurate evaluation of the current condition and proposed life of the roof.
  • Wood replacement
    Our crews are trained and experienced in replacing damaged wood, whether from termite or dry rot damage. We take care of providing a solid foundation for your roof and fascia board, whether it is with your new roof or repair areas.